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La Section Européenne à NDA
La Section Européenne est une option proposée aux élèves venant de collèges qui disposent d’une section européenne anglais, mais aussi à tous les élèves anglicistes intéressés et motivés, ayant un bon niveau en anglais. Son but ? Renforcer l’apprentissage de la langue, à travers l’enseignement de l’informatique en anglais, mais aussi apprendre à mieux connaître nos partenaires pour préparer à un vrai dialogue interculturel et international. Les élèves choisissant cet enseignement optionnel s’engagent à suivre tous les cours et à développer leurs qualités d’expression orale. L’option donne lieu à une évaluation.
Vue aérienne du lycée
Seconde : 1h FCE*/Civilisation + 1h informatique et culture anglophone
Première : 1h FCE*/Civilisation + 1h informatique et culture anglophone
Terminale : 1h informatique et culture anglophone
* FCE = First Certificate in English (Cambridge University)


The European Section is an option offered to students from colleges that have a European section English, but also to all Anglicists students interested and motivated, with a good level in English. Our goal? Reinforce learning of the language through the teaching of computer science in English, but also get to know our partners to prepare for a real intercultural and international dialogue. Students from all around the globe take part in perfecting their English skills and this option results in an assessment.


This site is for everyone who wants to improve his or her English skills and the technical English in particular. My origins are French, so we can communicate in French as well, if you are a total beginner like I was many many years ago. Just follow the links in the menu to find the informations you are looking for. The site’s language is English for the most part, but some subpages were created in French due to my residence and target group.


If you are russian speaking and want to learn the English, then you may want to visit Yulia Berkela’s site www.educentre.info, where she helps russian speaking people to learn English, German and other languages via skype. Here are general infos on how to learn english: как выучить английский язык самостоятельно с Educentre.info.

Cat learning english reading a book

If you are looking for English courses for Russians as beginners, then this should be your first page of choice: изучение английского языка онлайн – с нуля

It is very important to understand that learning a language takes a lot of practice. And today we have a wonderful possibility to learn languages without even having to leave our homes. To be able to do so all you need is your laptop, a headset and an internet connection. Once you’ve installed skype on your computer you can begin learning with you repetitor via skype. There are many benefits to learning languages online using skype. You not only save transport-costs, because you don’t need to go anywhere, but you also save your time, since visiting your English teacher every evening after work is really time and energy consuming. So if you are a russian speaker and want your friends to learn English using skype, then forward them to this wonderful site of Yulia Berkela: английский язык онлайн по скайпу.

Here is one of her videos you might want to watch:

I also want to thank my webmaster to revive this website from the ashes. I could never have done it by my own in such short amount of time, so thank you, David, you know who you are 😉



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