Défi Internet Lycée: The American English Cinema (2)

Défi Internet Lycée: The Cinema
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Question 1
I was chosen to give my voice to a little girl in one of Disney’s cartoons in the 50s. Who am I? Why was I officially chosen?
Question 2
Fish 1: Morning
Fish 2: Morning
Fish 3: Morning
Fish 1: Morning
Fish 3: Morning
Fish 2: Morning
Fish 4: Morning
Fish 1: MorningWhich film does this dialogue come from?
Question 3
Which film does this picture come from?
Question 4
How many full length films were made in the U.S.A. in 1920?
Question 5
She’s an actress. She was born in the 60s. Her father died when she was nine years old. She has received a Golden Globe and several other awards. Who is she?
Question 6
Here are the mouth, the nose and the eyes of
three famous actors.
a) Whose mouth is it?
b) Whose nose is it?
c) Whose eyes are these?
Question 7
What colour is the bald actor’s car in “The Fast and The Furious”? How fast can he drive?
Question 8
What is Jason’s father’s job in “Freakylinks”?
Question 9
What does the medallion “R.A.” indicate in the film “Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark”?
Question 10
I’ve been associated with TV, radio and plays since 1984. I’m a Paki. I achieved a Masters in English. What’s my name? Which award did I get in 1994 and 1995?
Question 11
Which film received the Award given by the Ecumenical jury in 1995 at a Russian film festival? Who directed the film?
Question 12
Which famous actor wore this suit in a film in the first half of the century?Hint: The film, which some have described as the best film of the 20th century, came out in 1941 and told the story of a powerful newspaper owner and multimillionaire. Furthermore, the suite was sold by auction at Christie’s New York in 2003.
Question 13
Give the name and address of the luxurious hotel where John (Jet Li) goes on the rampage in the film “The Kiss of the Dragon” – And how much does it cost if you spend one night in a suite there?
Question 14
This question is about a film whose main character is a big dog. In the second film (in a series of four), there’s a mean woman, and there’s something special about her foot. What is it?
Question 15
In which film is it proved that a witch is as heavy as a duck?
Question 16
The baby in the photo has become a famous actor.
Which one?
Question 17
Which film do these lyrics correspond to?
“Dobie wants a little cutie
Dobie wants a little beauty
Dobie wants a gal to call his own
Any size, any style, any eyes, any smile, any Jean, any Jane, any Joan.”
Question 18
In which film did Mary Craig, James Lilburn and Charles B. Fitzsimons act together in the fifties?
Question 19
What’s the real name of the main protagonist in the film “Black Beauty” (shot in the nineties)?
Question 20
a) Which film does this dialogue come from?Poliakoff: The instruments are right but you’re not…
Jerry: Wait a minute. What’s wrong with us?
Poliakoff: You’re the wrong shape. Goodbye.
Joe: The wrong shape. What are you looking for? Hunchbacks or something?
Poliakoff: It’s not the backs that worry me.
Joe: What kind of a band is it anyway?
Poliakoff: You gotta be under 25.
Jerry (insisting): We could pass for that.
Poliakoff: You gotta be blonde.
Jerry: We could dye our hair.
Poliakoff: And you gotta be girls.
Jerry: We could…
Joe (cutting him off): No, we couldn’t.

b) Why are Joe and Jerry looking for a job in a band?