Défi Internet Collège:Culture & Civilisation of English-speaking Countries

Question 1
When and where was John F. Kennedy murdered?
Question 2

How long is the Mississippi?

Question 3

When is the American national day?

Question 4
New Zealand became independent in a) 1907 b)1908 c) 1909 d) 1910
Question 5
True or False? Malta is an English-speaking country.
Question 6
Who discovered Australia?
Question 7
What’s the name of the famous red rock in the centre of Australia? How high is it?
Question 8
True or False? Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Australia.
Question 9
What is the symbol of Ireland?
Question 10
How many colours are there on the South African flag?

Question 11
Who became the Prime Minister in Britain in 1979?
Question 12
What is Big Ben? a) a click b) a bell c) a tower
Question 13
How many MPs are there in the House of Commons?
Question 14
True or False? The Queen has two birthdays.
Question 15
What is this?
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