Défi Internet Collège: Culture & Civilisation of English-speaking Countries

Défi Internet Collège:
Culture & Civilisation of English-speaking Countries
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Question 1
Which theatre in London, where Shakespeare performed, has been reconstructed near its original site?
Question 2

When did Great Britain join N.A.T.O.? a) 1945 b) 1949 c) 1973

Question 3

Who was the first black President of South Africa? Who was his Vice-President?

Question 4
What’s the capital of Kiribati?
Question 5
How much money did the Channel Tunnel cost to build?
Question 6
In 1945, Sir Alexander Fleming, the British scientist, won a Nobel Prize. What did he discover?
Question 7
What’s California’s nickname?
Question 8
The Commonwealth has over 50 members: Antigua & Barbuda, Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, etc. Can you name the two members whose names start with a “Z”?
Question 9
What is the emergency phone number in England?
Question 10
What does R.S.P.C.A. mean?

Question 11
What is the name of this place?
Question 12
Who killed Abraham Lincoln in 1865?
Question 13

Complete: The official London residence of the Queen is Buckingham Palace. It was built in 1703 by…

Question 14

Who founded New Orleans? A) Jacques Marquette b) Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne c) Robert Cavelier de la Salle d) Pierre-Antoine Mallet

Question 15
At what age can you vote in Britain?