Défi Internet Collège: London

Défi Internet Collège: London
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Question 1
What is the name of this building? Who was its designer? When did it open? londonQ1
Question 2

What is unique about Winston Churchill ‘s statue in Westminster Square? And why?

Question 3

Which was the first stone bridge to be built in London? How many arches has it got?

Question 4
In London, where would you see four huge lions and many pigeons? What museum is in front of this location?
Question 5
When did the first railway appear in London?
Question 6
Listen to Valentin and answer his question.
Question 7
What is the name of a very popular shop selling outrageous clothes, by young fashion designers, for trendy clubbers located at N°26-40 of a high street in W8 ? Give their precise address.
Question 8
Between which bridges is the boat race between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge held ? Which year was the first boat race held?
Question 9
Can you name five official London residences of the Monarchy?
Question 10
For which person was the Jewel Tower built and in what year?

Question 11
What is the diameter of the largest clock in Britain? And what is the length of the minute hand? What’s the name of this well-known clock?
Question 12
In what year was Westminster School founded?
Question 13
It’s the biggest royal park in London with deer and magnificent river views. What is the name of this park?
Question 14

Designed by the engineer Francis Fowke and completed in 1871, this huge concert hall was modelled on Roman amphitheatres. Which concert hall is it?

Question 15
What is the name of the museum in front of the building called Wellington Arch and is also known as N°1 London?
Question 16
What is the name of the world’s premier botanic garden and “a must” for anyone with an interest in exotic plants?
Question 17

What is at N°65 Gloucester avenue, London NW1 8JH?

Question 18
Which painter depicted himself with a bandaged ear in his self-portrait? Where would you find this painting?
Question 19
Edward I erected a station in 1291, when was it destroyed? Who did it? What is the name of this station?
Question 20
Who designed the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, and in what year? How many pensioners
are there ?