Défi Internet Lycée: American and English Music

Défi Internet Lycée: Music
Question 1
I am a simple metal tube with 6 holes and a mouthpiece, like a recorder, and a range of about two scales . What instrument am I?
Question 2
Which 20TH century conductors died on stage with their batons in their hands?
Question 3
Question 4
Which singer’s dog is called CREA ?
Question 5
I was born in 1982, I am 5ft 3 inches tall, I’m a singer and my favourite colours are pink and white: Who am I?
Question 6
Which musician said: “I have always been on a personal mission to save the guitar”?
Question 7
Who wrote this score? What’s the name of this musical piece?
Question 8
I am an extract from a classical masterpiece. What’s my name and who wrote me?
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Question 9
Complete this piece of a children’s song dedicated to ML King:
” A —————– ————– . A —————— —————. Martin Luther King”
Question 10
Which singer has lent her voice to this manga character?
Question 11
Which Mediterranean singer has paid a tribute to Martin Luther King with a song written in G key?
Question 12
In which cartoon can you hear this song? What are the names of both the singer and the song?
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Question 13
What kind of music mixes hard bop and rhythm and blues or Latin jazz?
Question 14
Who are these three women singers?
Question 15
Standing naked with their mouths covered with gaffa tape, each with one of the initials of that organisation written on their chest, they remained 15 minutes on stage. Who are they?
Question 16
What was Westside Connection’s first single?

Question 17
What lovely eyes, don’t you agree? Which singer do they belong to?
Question 18
Which action is the one most currently seen in music video clips?
Question 19
Who recorded “Is nothing sacred?” even though that song never appeared in any of his/her records?
Question 20

I am a vocal composition with one voice, I may be accompanied by a piano, but it is not necessary. My origins are popular or artistic.