Défi Internet Collège: Sport in Great Britain

Défi Internet Collège: Sport in Great Britain
Question 1
How many Olympic gold medals did Britain win in Athens?
Question 2
My initials are J.E. I was at the 1998 European Championships when I jumped 17.99 meters. I am an Olympic champion too.

Question 3

Torvill & Dean are a famous British sporting team. Give their first names and their Olympic sport. (Help: they were present at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympic Games)

Question 4
True or False? Great Britain is the only nation to have attended every Olympic celebration of the modern era, beginning with the first Games in 1896 in Athens.
Question 5
London hosted the Olympics in… a) 1948 b) 1968 c) 1998.
Question 6
Which one of the following sports and pastimes attracts the largest number of participants in Britain: football, swimming, cricket, walking or ice-hockey?
Question 7
Which is the largest spectator sport in Britain?
Question 8
What are the Royal Ascot, the Derby and the Grand National steeplechase?
Question 9
According to tradition, where and when was the first rugby game played?
Question 10
True or False? Lindford Christie is a British swimmer.

Question 11
When did Nigel Mansell make his Grand Prix debut?
Question 12
Henry Cooper is a British “institution” in a) boxing b) cricket c) golf
Question 13

Who is Manchester United FC’s captain?
a) Michael Owen b) Eric Cantona c) Roy Keane

Question 14
How old was Stephen Hendry when he won the World Snooker Championship? (Be precise: ….. years old and ….. months)

Question 15
When and where was the first football match played between England and Scotland?
Question 16
Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, George Best and Paul Gascoigne were …
a) tennis players b) rugby players c) football players
Question 17

What World Cup did England win in 1966?

Question 18
Name the world famous British athlete whose initials are L.C.
Question 19
It is a very famous football club. It was founded in 1892 and it has a ground at Anfield Road.
Question 20
In which year did Laura Davies, the famous British golfer, win the Belgian Open?
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