EASY ICT (collège)

EASY ICT (collège)
2 people in front of a computer
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Step 1:
Before we start, here is the basic vocabulary you will need:

Some hardware… … and some verbs Other useful words
screen / monitor display folder = dossier
mouse select / highlight file = fichier
keyboard (key = touche) save Internet
printer store data World Wide Web
scanner access internet sites network
speakers communicate with others Website
headphones send e-mails Webpage
a hard disk chat in forums browser
memory play / have fun html
CD-Rom listen to music link
CD-Rom drive watch films title
floppy disk upload URL
an operating system download data
on / off button icon
My Computer icon Step 2: Let’s practise!
Hardware Vocabulary Quiz
My Computer icon Step 3: Web Basics
Interactive exercises
My Computer icon Step 4: Navigation Basics

navigate or surf the Web location bar
back search File menu
forward favourites View menu
home history go / go to menu

Browser Vocabulary Quiz
Interactive exercises
Internet Explorer Menus
Smileys / Emoticons (by Renée Maufroid)

Advanced Level (secondes)
My Computer icon Step 5: Computer & Internet Terminology
Crossword Puzzle
My Computer icon Step 6: Computer & Internet Terminology
More interactive exercises (by Michel Barbot)
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Step 7: Give us a Clue (oral pairwork). Check your clues and answers here: Crossword Puzzle
More Interactive Activities for Revision
Internet Quiz
Surfing the Net
Searching the Net