Powerpoint Slide Presentations

A quick step-by-step guide

Use Powerpoint presentations to convey visual information (photos, charts, diagrams), but do not use it to give the impression that the matter is described and completed in a few bullet points.
1. Open the Powerpoint programme and choose New Presentation
2. Several layouts are available. AutoContent Wizard will help you by suggesting options for the content and layout of a presentation based on the type of presentation you want to create.

If you choose Blank Presentation a white page appears, like this one:

3. To add a picture: in the Insert menu choose Picture / From File… and insert the picture of your choice from your hard disk.

You can move it and change the size when it is on your page.

4. To add text : Click where it says “Click to add title / text”, then type your text. Or use the small icon on the toolbar below which is a square with an A to insert text where you want it. You drag out a rectangle with your mouse and type your text in it.
5. You now have your basic document. Now make it more attractive.

You can add a background colour / motif / texture: in the Format menu choose Slide Design or Slide Layout or Background and change the text font.

6. You can also add Special Effects so that not all the items on your page appear at the same time. This give it a bit of suspense! Iin the Slide Show menu choose Animation Schemes, and then select the special effects you want. Also in the Slide Show menu, add Slide Transitions.
7. Repeat this, if you wish, for other slides in your slideshow (text, image).
8. Preview your presentation on-screen by clicking the Slide Show button at the bottom of the PowerPoint window or just press F5. Click the left mouse button to advance the slides manually and the right mouse button to reverse the presentation. (Note: Escape button ESC returns you to the work area.)
9. Save your presentation.

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