Mobile Phones, Camera Phones, TXT & SMS… in English Language

Step 1:
Step 2:
A British schoolgirl’s strange composition.
Step 3:
A simple SMS matching quiz to start with.
Step 4:


Exercise 1: Numbers Quiz. Read thejoyoftext and answer the following questions in your notebook:
    1. What does SMS mean?
    2. When were the first text messages sent in the UK?
    3. How many messages were sent on St Valentine’s Day?
    4. How many people sent “Happy New Year” greetings?
    5. What percentage of 15 to 24 year olds use them to organize their social lives?
    6. What have 13% of users done using text messages?
    7. How many SMS messages were expected to be sent in 2002?
    8. How many messages are sent every day?
Exercise 2: The pros and cons of SMS: classify the statements in pros and cons
Exercise 3: Do you speak Esemese? (SMS abbreviations in English)
Exercise 4: duz txt msgN mAk U :-) o :-( ? Translation
Exercise 5: Write a message to your partner using this txt lingo dictionary and get him/her to read it out aloud.
Fun: Now you can play a flash game called “Mobile Madness” to see how good you are at txt msgs!
Many thanks to Laurence Bernard in the Martinique for some of these ideas!