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Complete the map on your worksheet, then colour France in blue and Australia in red. Definitions:

Africa – a continent that crosses the equator. It is south of Europe and is bordered by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
Antarctica – the continent that surrounds the South Pole of the Earth.
Asia – a continent in the Northern Hemisphere. Asia is attached to Europe (and east of it).
Australia – a continent, an island, and a country in the Southern Hemisphere.
Equator – an imaginary line that divides the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Europe – a continent in the Northern Hemisphere. Europe is attached to Asia (and west of it).
North America – a continent in the Northern Hemisphere; it is north of South America. It is bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
North Pole – the point that is the farthest north on Earth.
South America – a continent that is mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. It is bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
South Pole – the point that is the farthest south on Earth.

Which hemisphere is Australia in? So, when it’s winter in France, what season is it in Australia?
2. Map of Australia to complete. Help here:


Coral Sea

Great Barrier Reef

Indian Ocean


New South Wales

Northern Territory



Tasman Sea

Western Australia

South Australia
Australia is composed of ………………… states and ………………… territory/ies. What is the capital city of Australia? Which are the largest cities? – How many people are there in Australia?
What is the nickname of Australia? Why?


Why is the British flag on the upper left corner?
What do the 5 stars represent? Why?
What does the Commonwealth star symbolize?

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What is the currency in Australia ?



Who is the « Head of State » of Australia?
Who represents her when she is not there?
Who runs the country?? Who is the Head of the Government?


Aborigine Culture

Who are the Aborigines?

Look at the Aboriginal flag:
What does the black represent?
What does the red represent?
What does the yellow represent?

What’s a “didgeridoo”?
What was a boomerang used for?

7. Ayers rock
What’s the Aboriginal name of it?
Why is it so important for the Aborigines?
How high, how old and how long is it?
8. The Flying doctors are they?
What do they do?
9. The animals

Write the names of these Australian animals on your worksheet.


EmuDuck-billed platypus





Sugar glider


What are “dingoes”?
Where do they live?
What do they eat?


Geography and tourism
What is the « outback? What can you find there?
What can you see in Sydney?
What’s the most famous touristic place near Cairns?

11. Language Australians speak English but some words or expressions can be different: it’s the Australian slang. Can you translate these words?

friend arvo
good day bickies
work hoon
toilet Oz
girl sticky beak
Australian language durry
12. Sport The Australians are very sporty. What sports do they practice? Name ten.
13. The 2003 Rugby World Cup
Who won the 2003 rugby world cup? What about France?Try to match these emblems to the names of the countries and give the names of the teams:







Team Names:
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